Fund raising for not-for-profits


The Challenge: After many years of negotiations, Moriah College managed to secure the purchase the freehold of its Queens Park campus from the NSW State Government. This required a major capital injection in a period where many parents were finding it difficult just to pay the school fees. The Solution: We created a ‘call to action brand’ that embodied the spirit of previous generations’ dedication to getting the college to where it is today, and the necessity for today’s parents to step up. The campaign ran over a 10 month period which included highly integrated electronic and traditional media. It culminated in a major event for 1,300 donors run over 2 nights. The Result: Despite the difficult financial times, the campaign exceeded even our most optimistic objectives, raising over $12 million - a record for any communal organisation. It was hailed as a 'Textbook Fundraiser' by the media and a strategy that the community could learn from.