Building an online community


The Challenge: Acer is the world's number 2 laptop producer. The problem is at retail is seen as a 'value for money brand'. With a new range of premium quality products featuring innovative design being introduced, how do you reduce the reliance on a low shelf price as the main determinant of product choice?

The Solution: We leveraged Acer's global sponsorship of the London Olympics by engaging Sally Pearson as Brand Ambassador. From there, we created a Facebook app that our market could create their own 100m hurdler and race everybody across Australia to win prizes.

In addition, we created a Social Media dialogue between Sally & our fans to live her London Olympic experience.
The Result: Leveraging the huge Australia-wide following Sally was able to generate, we built an online community from 5K to over 50K in 6 weeks, which formed the base for the successful launch of an online Acer store.

We sere able to re-enforce the core brand values of speed, power and performance to the Australian market.

The campaign won 2012 Australian Mobile Award for best use of Mobile in Marketing.