Changing the brand perception


The Challenge: Cape Credit Union is a financial institution specialising in the petroleum and energy sector. However, as a new generation of highly paid energy workers moved into the market who were not particularly financially literate, there was a need to reposition the organisation as a modern alternative to traditional a language they could understand and relate to.

The Solution: We updated their branding to a far more 'customer friendly' look and tone. In doing so, we dropped 'Credit Union' for 'Customer Owned Banking'.  An animated character was introduced who could dramatize the various products. A series of educational videos were created that explained in a no-nonsense tone, why they should think twice about simply going to a bank for their money needs . This all integrated into a new corporate ID package, that could be leveraged through third-party partners' staff, eg Caltex. The Result: The new image has been well received by current and potential clients and third party partners. The roll out to partners' staff is just starting.