Marketing + Communications Consultants

You only get one chance to make a first impression.


With hundreds of marketing agencies in Sydney, why choose a boutique 
marketing consultant like First Impressions?

With over 28 years of tackling the more ‘difficult cases’, we have a depth of experience that only comes when clarity of strategy is matched 
to innovative creative executions.

Our integrated marketing communications solutions do not bias on-line over direct marketing or TV over PR. Our test is very simple…we ask - 
would we pull our wallet out and put our money on the line utilising this campaign? If the answer is no…we won’t propose it.

Unlike some advertising agencies, we have no vested interest to propose one marcoms tool over another. Only after thoroughly analysing the marketing problem, do we develop an integrated solution that brings the right tools to bear in the right order, at the right cost.

Marketing  and Advertising Agency In Sydney